Company: Fieldwork NRC

Compensation: $125

Link to Sign Up: LINK



I’m contacting you from Fieldwork a national market research firm interested in obtaining your opinions for an upcoming research study. We are conducting a research usability where we would like you to view to better understand user perceptions, motivations, and needs within the current offering. This research will provide clarity into gaps and challenges within the current experience.

We are specifically looking to speak with people with the following areas of expertise: Investor Relations, Board of Directors, Academia, Writing, Economists, Strategist, Data Analysts, Corporate Goverance, Researchers, Journalists/ Reporters, and Lobbyists.

We’d like to speak with you to see if you meet the qualifications for this study which will take at various times on August 31st through September 9th.

If you qualify and participate, you will be compensated from $125 to up $350 (depending on what category you fall into) after completing a 75 minute one-on-one discussion online. I can assure you, we are not selling anything and we are only interested in your opinions as a business professional.

Please keep in mind that we have limited availability and would like to speak to you at your earliest convenience to ask you a few questions. If you are interested in participating please click on the link below to take a brief survey to see if you pre-qualify:

We ask that you give consideration to participating in this market research as it is your chance to give input into the development of new products and ideas. We look forward to hearing from you soon as limited spots are available.

Your voluntary participation in market research with Fieldwork constitutes an Independent Contractor relationship, not an Employment relationship.