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Compensation: $175

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Online Opinion Study – Paying $175

We are seeking respondents who have live, in-force auto insurance policies and have a secured website where they can log in to view their policy details, pay a bill or file a claim. While we will click into sections and pages that hold personal details such as name, address or VIN, our focus is not on the data but on design, navigation, content promotion, usability, tools and resources offered by the organizations. Our research removes all personal information and data, since that is not our focus and our clients have strict privacy procedures.
We ensure confidentiality for all who participate and redact any personally identifiable information.
We will ask you to:
• Join a webcast
• Log into your auto insurance account
• Share your screen with us
• Navigate to certain areas of the site related to site security and profile preferences
• Share insight into claims experiences you have had in the past if they can recall any
• Navigate to key areas of the site, such as specific tools or account information pages

If interested, please fill out our pre-survey at:

Thanks for your time today.

$250 Online Study

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