Welcome fellow Research Junkies!

Where to begin? How about this: I am a “Research Study Junkie“. And by that I mean something like this:

And lucky for you, this website is a result of years of obsession with research studies. It so happens that I also work in clinical research. You know, the kind where super smart people come up with brillant ideas to help sick people and test them. I submit grants, do a bunch of regulatory paperwork, enroll patients in research studies, etc. etc.

Did you just fall asleep? It’s ok, I get it. Happens every time I try to explain my job to people.

Anyway… I created this website to make participating in research studies SO MUCH EASIER for you, after years of doing it the hard way. There are many, many companies out there that want your opinions, and will pay you for them. Yes, actual $$$ for what most people are a little too good at doing for FREE. 

What’s the catch? Literally NOTHING. As in I created this website to be a resource for you. I’m not selling anything. You’re not buying anything from me. You can completely ignore me if you want. OR you could buy that washing machine you’ve been needing for a while. Or that new bike you’ve been eyeing for your kid for christmas. Or heck, you could pay that bill you’ve been stressing about, wondering how it will ever get paid. 

THAT’S the real reason I created this site. I can’t begin to tell you how many times a research study paid for a new appliance, bought our family a vacation to make memories together, or saved us by covering the credit card debt we stupidly went into. No, this isn’t a get rich quick website, or a sell your soul to us and we’ll make you a millionaire scheme. It’s just a way for you to earn a little income on the side to cover those things that are just out of reach for most of us. 

So DIG IN, HAVE FUN, and enjoy the site! I welcome feedback, suggestions, or comments. This site is still new, and there’s so much more to come. Thanks for dropping by!

– Austin, the “Research Study Junkie”