Company: Q-Insights

Compensation: $100

Link to Sign Up: LINK


We are looking for Females to test a menstrual pad for us in the next few weeks. If you agree to participate and are selected, we will send you products to use during your menstrual cycle. You will be required to replace your normal menstrual pad product of this size, during your next menstrual cycle. You may continue to use other forms of feminine protection (liners, tampons, etc.) as you do with this size of product. If selected, you will also need to download a free mobile diary app and complete a brief survey every time you change your pad. If chosen to take part, your answers will be used for research purposes only, and will not be shared on an individual level. Your answers will be held in strict confidence, and your name not revealed.
Once you have finished using the menstrual pads for this test, you will be required to complete an online after use survey about your experience. You will be compensated $100 for completing the entire research.
If you are interested, please visit the following link to see if you qualify. You will be instructed to enter a 10-digit ID number. This will be you 10 digit phone number with no dashes. Example 8185551212.