Company: Probe Market Research

Compensation: $250

Link to Sign Up: LINK


We have a $250 Opinion Study For People who have Stock Purchase Plans or Stock Option plans. As part of the study, we will ask you to LOG INTO YOUR STOCK OPTIONS/STOCK PURCHASE PLAN ACCOUNT. IF YOU CANT, WE CAN NOT USE YOU.

For the interview, our researcher will ask you to log into your stock plan website and your stock plan app (if applicable), then share your screen with them so they may see what you’re looking at while you talk.
a. They will not use any of your personal information; they are simply interested in seeing the site you’re talking about.
b. They will not ask for your login or password information.
c. They will ask you to navigate around the website and app (if applicable). They will ask you to either perform a few tasks or click on something the account.
d. They will not ask you to make any trades.

If interested, please fill out our pre-survey at:

Thanks for your time today.

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